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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hacking cannot be stopped. You want to know why?

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For many years now, I and many others in the security market as well as law enforcement have been sharing our thoughts on the issue of government placing critical infrastructure on the Internet.

Recently, on our GKO Technology Group on Facebook I featured 15 related posts for group members to ponder. I'll follow up with a few words of wisdom of my own.

Here the titles and links to these stories:

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For those of you who many not know this, but there was a day before the Internet where gov't and private firms used leased telephone lines to send data back and forth between offices and the like. You had to gain access to the physical phone line or the Bell company office before you could gain access to that data.

So now, here we have a GLOBALLY CONNECTED database that ANYONE from ANYWHERE across the Earth can try their luck at penetration. ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE!!!

"At the end of 2010, the volume of stored data worldwide totaled 1.2 million petabytes (1 petabyte equals 1 million gigabytes), according to the 2010 IDC Digital Universe Study, conducted by technology researcher IDC. That's a 50 percent rise from the year before" (Source: Storage Cheat Sheet, CDW Small Business Solutions, August 2014).

Do you not get it yet? The stories above are about hackers and their efforts, successes, and the failure of governments and private sector concerns to successfully stop them. As I said yesterday, no matter how good you think you are, there's always someone better out there and they're going to kick your butt!!! If not today, perhaps tomorrow.

Putting critical infrastructure on the Internet is not only dumb, but it's plain stupid. It's like putting a sign on your back that says, "I dare you to kick me." Someone's going to do it. You can count on it!

For the serious researcher:

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