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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Have We Not Learned That Legacy News Orgs Are Political Propaganda Cesspool's of Disinformation?

The solution to regaining sanity is NOT to watch the Legacy (propaganda) News Org's!

Here's a recent news item on the front end of a web-based web client.

Although I care about my Liberal fellow Americans, I can do little for their mental conditions. But to my fellow Conservatives, how can you trust any legacy news organization after what we saw during the Trump administration's time in office? 

The answer is, we can't! 

If you're memory is scant on the Fake News Org's, here's a great example of how the press plays up and hypes things.  We ran this one on December 5, 2020. Headline: Ohio Governor grandstands (lies?) concerning Stark County's need for freezer trailers for dead bodies

So why are some of you entertaining the jab, and why have others of you decided to  do it?  

Is it that hard to understand that when someone tells  you that you MUST take the vaccine, even if you had COVID-19 and have the antibodies, that it's NOT Science, it's Politics--and it's an indication of something terribly wrong! --Al Colombo

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