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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Norman Dodd Reveals Source of Division and Chaos in United States Prior to His Death

When I first saw the VHS version of this video, it blew my mind. I forever caused me to realize just how stupid I and most of my fellow Americans are as to what's been going on right under our very noses. When I first publicly mentioned it, it was on Giant Killers Org, one of the very first websites of its kind on the Internet (if not the very first).

In those days, we did not have a digital version to share. But we do now.

What it tells us is that the act of dividing Amerca began a very long time ago. It also lends evidence as to the importance of the Presidency in the channeling of departments and agencies within the Federal Gov't with respecet to the mission of: "Find a peaceful way to merge the USA with the USSR."

So, without further ado, here's a huge smoking gun in the hidden efforts of the New World Order.

G. Edward Griffin interviews Norman Dodd in 1982 shortly before his death regarding his time as the head investigator and researcher for the Reece Committee. Dodd's research exposed an agenda to merge the American government into a world govern…

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