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Monday, June 14, 2021

This is what happens when a Website, like this one, becomes a threat to the Deep State

Allow me to show you what happens when a Website or WebLog, like this one, becomes a threat to the Deep State (aka: New World Order, image)

Today, I see that there are a huge number of the foreign nations missing from my statistics, which means someone has dialed my weblog out.  Someone has chosen to shadow ban my website is my guess. I'm absolutely sure it can be done. 

This is what happens when free speech is no longer allowed. To you who think that it's no big deal, believe me, it is. It means that the powers that be don't want others to see what's on this weblog. That should be troubling to all men of good faith. 

Note: We at one time had thousands and thousands of viewers in Hong Kong. Over the last few months Hong Kong has TOTALLY  DISAPPEARED from view on our statistics. Odd?  

May God Bless America! 

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