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Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Will of Society Vs the Determination of the Powers that Be

How on Earth can we stop Vaccine Compliance in its tracks?

While working on a story for one of the magazines I write for, I began to think about the big picture now unfolding before us, not only within the United States, but also the World at large. It was suddenly clear to me that there's a struggle going on between two opposing forces, which can be defined in this manner:

Group #1: The Powers That Be – which is often referred to as the Global Cabal, the New World Order, and the Deep State. This relatively small group of top leaders in their industries and governments are made up of individuals and Corporations. This is the group that's obviously hellbent on sickening, injuring, and killing the majority of humankind across the world. This unholy alliance is commonly called Fascism. 

Group #2: Society at Large – which is made up of everyone else in the world, both those who have nothing to do with the Powers That Be and those who work for the Powers That Be in their effort to subvert society. Those who work for group 1 are either paid to do so, threatened with injury or death, or perhaps they were promised something in return for their cooperation and loyalty. Examples include the news media, government workers, and lawmakers.

Okay, So What?

Well, thinking about all this in these terms, it made me realize that the size of Group 2, the common man—which includes the vast percentage that has no idea what's really going on as well as the nitwits who have betrayed their own countrymen and humanity in general—is a far larger crowd of folks than group 1, which is a relatively small group of shameful human beings who have essentially sold their souls to the devil (this name doesn't deserve a capital 'D').

My point is this, there's a tug of war of sorts here that's going on which virtually involves the overall fate of mankind. We have a relatively small group of asses who believe they have the right to pull off the greatest and most deadly hoax ever perpetrated against human kind versus a humongous group of people who, using what I'd term 'Herd Will,' could easily stop Group 1's diabolical plan in its tracks.

The problem here is that without the news media behind the efforts of Group 2, organization of the masses is next to impossible. Without a doubt if everyone were to tell local and state gov't to pound salt, “We're not taking this poisonous vaccine(s),” Group 1's plan would be null and void—let's call it Dead on Arrival (DOA). Social Media channels could be utilized, but we all know the high degree of censorship that's going on with that.

If not the news media, if not social media, then what's left?

This is the question that begs an answer and the only answer I can think of is two- or three-fold.

Alternate social media channels is one answer to this issue of organization. Admittedly, there is bound to be a fly or two in the ointment here as the enemy, Group 1, seeks to do all they can to drive a wedge between members of society within each means of social media exposure. This branch of societal communication includes private discussion boards as well as public ones, like Gab, MeWe, and Parlor (when it's still up and running).

The other answer is for all of us to simply share videos and other materials that supports 'Vaccine Push Back' with everyone we know. We also can use this method to share the ideas and news articles put out on the Internet through Websites and Blogs, such as 'What On Earth Are We Doing Here' (you can share this short link to the Home Page if you wish:

Why is this so important?

Because if we don't stop this vaccine thing in its tracks, several scientists, experts in vaccines and such, say that it could end life as we know it on this planet. Because the vaccine is said to be rendering men and women unable to have children and they claim this could last for several generations. Do you grasp the issue here and its severity to human life on this planet?

Here is a visual image (two paragraphs down) of an article that evidently appeared in the Japan Times newspaper online. Having been given this image, when I searched for this story, I did so with one complete sentence. That sentence took me to a page where it indicated there was no content available. In web administration terms, most of the time this means the story was pulled, which means it either was totally bogus or totally correct and someone involved in the vaccine issue did not want it to run.

Personally, I'll wager a dollar or two on answer #2, it was pulled because it ws too damning to the overall goals set by Group #1. I say that because it's doubtful that any newspaper editor would run a story like this without at least doing some investigation. And there's the issue of the writer who wrote it. If the writer usually is solid in his/her research, and if the editor has come to respect their work, then they would publish it.

Here it is, you be the judge:

I'll leave a link to each of the pages where videos exist that feature scientists and other medical professionals:

In closing, allow me to say that unless we can keep the number of people vaccinated down to a minimum, the dire predictions of these virology scientists and medical professionals will have a greater chance of taking place.

Thank you for visiting my Weblog and sharing my work with others.

--Al Colombo,

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