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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Facebook Refuses to Allow a Story About "Fake News" CNN

Personally, to me, Facebook appears to be a Leftist, Communist Network!
image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' I attempted to post a story about CNN and Facebook refused to allow it. Their favorite comment is "it's against our community standards." What it should say is "It's against our Communist standards!"
Here's the headline from the news article in question: "CNN just reported a disturbing fact about the riots in Seattle that shocked Americans" and here's the link:
The so-called “peaceful protests” following the death of George Floyd are long gone. The mobs have turned violent and are now razing American cities and seizing blocks at a time to setup so-called “autonomous zones.”
Not even a day later, fake news CNN’s Dan Simon reported, “The facts on the ground indicate that this is an entirely peaceful situation.”
The fact that Facebook won't allow this story in any form on their Communist platform speaks volumes...

For the serious researcher:

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