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Monday, March 15, 2021

World Renown Vaccine Specialist Says There's a Coming World Catastrophe On the Way NOW!

As many of you will recall, while working for some
military intelligence folks from 1995 through 2005, I learned that there was going to be a planned pandemic where people would get vaccinated and millions of deaths would occur.

There's a tad bit more that I may or may not have mentioned. According to the information I received, after taking the vaccine, many would actually seem to improve (I assume we can equate this to the overall cases would begin to go down) for the first two weeks or so, then people would begin to drop dead.

Because the pharmaceuticals involved in creating these vaccines were given total immunity from lawsuits due to deaths and injuries, that opens the door for denial on their part.

Do you understand what this means? Well, listen to this video. Seriously, a vaccine developer, an expert on the front lines, has sounded the alarm. In this video you will be told that after several weeks, all hell will begin to break loose.

They did this in 1976, and then President Jimmy Carter put a stop to it. Don't take it. Watch this video and hope he's wrong, but I suspect he's telling the truth because of what I was told over 20 years ago: (

Better yet, watch it here:

Be sure to also read and watch the video on: Elder Scientist Sharpshoots the Experimental Genetic Injection!

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For the serious researcher:

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