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Monday, February 8, 2021

Far Left, Far Right, Far Wrong!

I find that many Americans listen to one voice, one message, one side... and is shockingly ignorant of any rational, thinking adult!

Let me ask my friends and detractors a simple question:
"Who has your best interests at heart, those who say 'DO NOT watch the other sides videos, DO NOT read their news,' or those who say, 'DO GET both sides of each issue, DO GET both sides of the story'?"

How can you possibly make an informed decision on anything without exploring the pros and cons? Where did we go wrong in this nation to think we can hide from the truth by simply believing whatever we want? 

In my opinion, anyone who suggests that you NOT become informed on both sides of any issue is NOT in your corner. They are, in a word, MISLEADING you. 

It's time that we begin to realize that this is NOT a Political issue, but a Military issue. I say Military because it involves National Security and foreign interference in our affairs.

When did this foreign interference begin? I suspect in the early 1960's or late 50's. Remember what the good professor in China said, he said that China has had gained influence over the US at the top of our gov't since 1970! This equates to Nixon, a Republican!

Party has nothing to do with it. 
As I've said since the early 2000's, 
"Far Left, Far Right, Far Wrong!"

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