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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Look at the mortality Vs. population numbers between 2019 and 2020... then tell me something's not fishy...

I may not be a medical professional, but God gave me a brain...

Let's get down to brass tax where it comes to COVID-19, vaccinations, the prospect
of wholesale tyranny, and what might come next. When you look at the numbers, where it comes to normal, common, healthy people... the COVID-19 pandemic might appear to be a whole lot about nothing.  

For those who are cussing me out right now,  let's look at the CDCs own numbers (to view these charts larger than they are  here, click on them): 

Here's how it shakes out from a standpoint of total deaths in 2019 and 2020 versus population: 

2019: deaths 2,855,000 / total population 328,239,523
2020: deaths 2,902,664 / total population 330,767,888

It's almost a wash! 

We gained 2,528,365 people in the US population numbers during 2020. Additionally, there were 47,664 more people who died in 2020 compared to 2019.  Do you not see the significance of these total numbers? Where's the 300,000 that allegedly died? 

Now, look at the chart on the right. A normal, healthy person age 50 to 69 years has a 99.5 percent chance of survival if they get COVID-19!  

Are you beginning to ask yourself "why is there such a push for 100 percent of our population to fill their arteries with an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine?  

Merck up and scuttled their own efforts to make a vaccine because the percentage of survival with respect to CV19 is so high (see chart below). I have a copy of their original press release, which acknowledges that natural immunity trumps any vaccine, but I am  unable to locate it at present. But I did find many articles from this past January that acknowledges Merck's withdrawal... Click Here to read it!

Non-Vaxxed Forced to Wear a Mask: Modern Day Nazi Germany?

The next photo I want to share with you comes from a book on Russia and that nation's involvement with WWII in Germany (on the right, to enlarge, click on the photo).

Notice the star, which designates her as a Jew.  Jew's were required by the Fascist Nazi Regime to wear this star in order for Germans to immediately know who they are. Jews were cast in German society at the time as a sub class, an under class, an undesirable class of human. 

When you look at it, read the caption.  Now, you know what the proposed vaccine passport and required mask for those who refuse to take it is all about... a way of marking the individual, and this is suppose to prompt us to take the vaccine. 

Last but not least, ask yourself, with numbers like these, why the big push for 100 percent compliance...

If you still believe the vaccine is valid and necessary, please, by all means take it, but leave the rest of us alone.

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