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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Facebook: Intel Gathering Effort or Social Network


Please allow me to make a comment regarding Facebook's "Friending" pollicy

First, I want to say that it sucks. They want you to ONLY friend people you REALLY know. Second, this brings me to the issue of what a social website is. I would think a social website is intended to support current friends, to make new friends, and to introduce your current friends to your new friends.

Third, I have suspected for some time that Facebook (FB) is operated in part with money supplied by either our government or by a quasi-governmental agency, such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). I mention this because FB's social policy sounds more like the government wanting to create a matrix of our associations than a social website.

As a former System Operator (SysOp) on the Compuserve network, I can tell you emphatically that these networks allow government agents to access every nook and cranny of the public portion of the network. So keep all of this in mind when you place personal information on your FB Wall. Just warning you...

There's something about a woman
with a really big gun!!


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