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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Vaccines: Europe is in a race against time

You and I may not be medical professionals, but we still have a brain...

One of many headlines on the portal this morning was "Europe in vaccination race against COVID-19's delta variant." The dateline and opening paragraph read: "LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Countries across Europe are scrambling to accelerate coronavirus vaccinations and outpace the spread of the more infectious delta variant, in a high-stakes race to prevent hospital wards from filling up again with patients fighting for their lives." (read more)

Within the pages of What On Earth Are We Doing Here, a scientist or two has covered the issue of the variants coming out of Europe, which included what they are, why they are, and what he ultimate outcome could be. As a refresher, here's two of these videos now, the first is by Dr. Vernon Coleman. The second is by Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM (read his letter to the WHO: click here!).  

Note: there's more after the videos.

If you have yet to take this EXPERIMENTAL genetic medical procedure, this could very well be the most important video you EVER have watched! 


There's more! It appears that these mRNA genetic vaccines are also designed to "Self Replicate" and promote "Shedding." After watching these two videos, please click here to read a single page out of a Johns Hopkins document entitled "Self-Spreading Vaccines."  To read the entire document, click hereand to read my comments on it, click here.

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