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Friday, July 2, 2021

Dr. Daniel Neides, former Medical Director of Cleveland Clinic, discloses vaccine problems.

I'm no doctor, but I still have a brain...

There's a ton of information coming out about those who refused to take the 'jab,' which is not a vaccine at all, but rather a genetic medical device. But we'll call it a vaccine in order to assure that everyone knows what we're referring to. The last I heard, more than half of our Marine Corp have refused the vaccine. Governor Mike DeWine,  Ohio, recently shared that less than half of Ohioans took the jab.            

It's been said that Biden and Fauci has only so much time to get at least 70 percent of the U.S. population injected with the poison we like to affectionately refer to as the COVID Vaccine. That effort has seriously stalled at less than 50 percent as I understand it, and many of  us who did take the jab did so to save a job or so we could continue in some activity where it's mandated. One individual I know took it because his kids were required to have it to return to sports in school, and he had to have it because of this. 

Let me tell you something that should curl your hairs. When I was in the work force, the doctor I had at the time revealed to me that because I refuse to take the flu vaccine, he might eventually be forced to drop me from his medical practice. Why? Because he is rated as a doctor by his medical organization according to whether any of his patients refuse to take the flu jab. It also can adversely effect his level of income! 

Doctors are so brain dead (along with ordinary patients) that they're giving vaccines without disclosing what's in it, dangers, etc. In fact, as you will see in this video, this doctor discloses that most of them give their patient the disclosure AFTER they've already given them the jab!  Watch how emotional the doctor becomes, who incidentally is the former medical director of Cleveland Clinic. 

Watch and learn about what it's all coming down to:

Dr. Daniel Neides: Former Medical Director of Cleveland Clinic,

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