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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Want our country back? Attend Mike Lindell's Upcoming (online) Cyber Symposium

Want our country back?  Support Mike Lindell
as well as President Trump! 

Ever hear of Mike Lindell??  If  you answered no, my reply to you is this: Where in  hell have  you been?  Mike is one of the biggest patriot since Patrick Henry said, "Give me Liberty or Give me Death!" Mike has paid millions to determine what happened during the 2020 election. He's hired experts in Information Technology and Computer Science to track the antics of the Left, especially China.  Lindell is one of the most brave, giving men aside from President Donald  J. Trump! 

Listen, Lindell is about to present all the proof  you need to understand how the 2020 election was stolen. This is intensely important, and it's intensely important that YOU see it, and that you share this page to get other patriots to watch it too.  Just click on the poster below! 

If you want to send this poster to others,  you can download the image (click here) or the full size poster in PDF (click here). 

Want our country back? Help us get the word out!

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