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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Life and Death: The Only Two Facts of Life You can Count on

We're either engaged in living, or
we're engaged in dying.  Which is it for you? 

Recently I suffered the terrible loss of a close and dear friend: Cristeen Negulis Mangeris.
Cris and I went together from 5th grade through 7th. She was a happy-go-lucky girl who never quite grew old in her mind. Well, I will miss talking with her, beit on the phone, even a few days before her assumed COVID death (we'll talk about this another time).

As close as Cris and I were, I'm not as bummed out  as many may have thought I should be. Perhaps I hold my despair in better than most, or  better yet, maybe I see her death as a ticket home. I've come to understand that the only way to live is to die, and so Cristeen has found her life, wherever that may be. So I'm actually glad for her, that she was finally able to cash that ticket on one of many trains that promise to carry us back home--those of us who actually come here from elsewhere. Yes, I'm one of those people...

Those of us who come here from afar, we have work to do in the form of specific places,  people, and situations to care for. The Lord, in His most excellent Word, tells us that he knew us before he laid one plank of this world. With regards to the Lamb's Book of Life, He said that He placed our names in that Book before the beginning of this time. 

Cris worked in healthcare as an office manager with a large nursing facility. She worked there  for a very long t ime. Besides doing her regular duties as a manager, Cris' job was to encourage residents in the home by speaking to them  prior to death. She did her job well, in fact. She told them about God, about His Son, Jesus, the Christ. She cried over many of resident who died almost in her arms. 

I'm not afraid to die because starting at an early age, I began  having OBE's (also called Astral Projection), which  put me squarely on the other side of this life. Most of my close friends have no idea that I've had this ability for so long, but as a younger man, I was more concerned about public opinion. Now, the truth means more to me than adverse public sediment. 

What I'm trying to say is, there is life outside the body. I know, I've experienced it hundreds of times over my life.  If you personally don't believe it, that's your personal choice. But the choice you make will not alter the facts--the truth. 

In Conclusion

Here's my view on things, having my feet firmly planted on the ground: "You're either engaged in living, or you're engaged in dying." 

There is one book in particular, in addition to the Holy Christian Bible (download free copy), that I recommend you read if you hold any interest in this subject matter at all: The Tibetan Book of the Dead (free download). I also recommend you read the Bhagavad Gita (free copy with audio recitation). 

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