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Friday, January 13, 2017

All the (Ex)President's Men

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"Everyone out of the pool! (by January 20th)," President Trump has told all of the previous president's appointees.

Everyone wants to know why. Is it that difficult to figure out?

Previous presidents had no problem allowing the previous president's men to remain in their positions during the transition because those men were honorable enough not to sabatog the in-coming president's efforts. Well, we all know that President Obama prepared by putting a "transition team" in place to assure that as much resistance could be applied so as to stymie the in-coming President Trump's progress.

President Trump is correct in clearing out the clutter so he can have a smooth transition of government. As slick and sneaky as Obama is, it shows wisdom on the part of Trump. The concern that some have demonstrated with regard to the holes in government that such an edic creates is unnecessary. First, the Congress and the new President have begun the selection process early which will help speed the process. And second, there won't be as much resistance to the incoming Trump's government.

My best wishes to all concerned, especially the new President who will find tremendous opposition on the part of government and public organizations, most of them who will be more willing to follow the orders of the last President who, we now understand, will remain behind in DC. Obviously his intentions is to do his street activism thing, again.

It's time to clean house... at least I didn't use the word "swamp."


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