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Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Not-So-Great Reset


The Great Reset

Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

We're now living the "New Norm!" Those of you who wear the masks unquestioning, those of you who like sitting at home instead of coming and going, working and  going to the gym, do you like it?  

Have  you figured out that a new norm means the old norm is no more? It's gone, and now we're living in a "New Norm." 


The Great Reset had to happen so the cashless society could be brought in and the one world government could be introduced... With society now in a Police state and a Mandatory Vaccine now in place. Kain is finding refuge in the empty streets of London in search of a way out...
The Great Reset is the fifth part in the Sci-Fi Dystopian Short Film series, you can watch the other parts here: Track and Trace: Police State: Mandatory Vaccine: Masked Agenda: Please Subscribe for updates as we follow Kain through this journey:
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