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Saturday, July 18, 2020

When COVID-19 Tests Are Actually NOT Tests But Rather Guesses & Approximations

The sudden rise in "Cases" and the push to "Test" more and more
of the population is more a war on definition
than anything... but to what end?

image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' When the Chinese Coronavirus situation of 2020 began, the word "Cases" seemed to have an entirely different meaning than what it now does.

When it began, a "case" seemed to pertain to those individuals who were verified to have contracted the disease--meaning they exhibited the symptoms. Now, the word means "positives," derived from administering COVID-19 tests to more and more people.

Here's another bit of information concerning certain individuals in the U.S. Gov't who, for whatever reason, are padding the numbers with reference to COVID-19.
Just rec'd from Gov's team - multiple test positives DO count as multiple cases.

It appears case numbers not deduplicated. (Translated: if I test positive multiple times (let's say 4X) then I count as four (4) cases.)

Until the ODH releases evidence that it is NOT happening, I don't know how we prove it. I have spotted the situation from past dives into the CSV file and hearing last night from an official that, yes, during routine testing multiple positives are going toward the case count.

Example--if someone tested positive and is contact traced that person, according to the source, is routinely tested. If that positive person tests positive three times before achieving the negative test threshold, then 4 cases come out of that one person situation.

Now...we also uncovered that the way positive tests are counted is wider than we initially expected--epidemiological evidence, presumptive laboratory evidence, vital records criteria. All three of these instances can be achieved without a true positive test.

In fact, one health department in central Ohio does count cases of family members of a person who "tested positive"--whether through a true test, lab, epidemiological or vital methodology.

In at least one confirmed instance there was a person who tested positive and the remaining three family members were also classified as covid positive; when questioned about why they were classified as positive, the CDC guidelines were mentioned and the rationale given was: better not to test to avoid the risk of transmission--safe thing is to just assume.

So from one family came 4 positives and three had not been tested; and I am not certain the first was tested or presumed positive.

We'll be publishing some additional information shortly that will give you a true idea of where all this is going. If you work in the health care field and you have something to add, a link to view, a view to see, connect with me through the contact form in the left sidebar. I look forward to exposing what you know.

Al Colombo

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