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Friday, October 23, 2020

Federal Crimes Uncovered In Biden Hard Drive & Confirmation by a Former Hunter Associate

It's turning out that Joe Biden and his family can truly
be called the "Biden Crime Family."

Just when you thought that there's no hope for America as a free nation, along comes a laptop belonging to VP Biden's son, Hunter. I can only imagine how angry Papa Joe must be right now. 

One day, Biden referred to the godfather, and when  you think about all the incriminating evidence that's stacking up against Joe and his family, that general name for the head of a mafia org is probably appropriate.

And then, when you think it couldn't look any worse for old Joe and the Biden "crime family," along comes former Hunter Biden's associate Tony Bobulinski who tells all with regards to the dirty dealings of Joe and his family. Incidentally, Bobulinski verified the emails on Hunter's laptop are genuine and that they belong to Hunter.

In this first video, Rudy Giuliani tells all about the acquisition of the info on Hunter Biden's laptop and how he came to obtain it:

In this next video, Tony Bobulinski tells about the dirty dealings of Biden and his family:

How will the disclosure of all this dirty laundry affect the outcome of the election? Who knows, but it's been about 57 years since the beginning of the NWO's stronghold on our nation's military and financial resouces, so perhaps it's time that it come to an end.

10/29/20: Here's another video of Tony Bobulinski -- Click Here!

Let's pray...

Al Colombo

Post Note: My wife tells me that the former associate did not show up at the Senate hearing. A friend tells me that he was picked up by the FBI, which prevented his appearance. Let's hope this man survives the ordeal here so he can personally testify.

For the serious researcher:

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