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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Algorithm: a full-length movie about hacking

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Algorithm is a full-length movie about hacking. It centers on a group of local hackers who stumble upon a covert operation that eventually gets several of them incarcerated, interrogated and killed. It serves to illustrate the extent to which hackers can go and to what ends.

One of the reasons why I believe that hackers hold an important part in free speech and the future of freedom is the fact that they seek open, free flow of information. The average hacker lives to uncover secrets and lies.

I'm not speaking of criminal hackers, but purists who's ideals are such that profiting from their skill is not in their belief system. This drive toward purity on the Internet is what I admire and support, although I have never hacked a computer myself and never will--simply because I do not have the necessary skill sets to make that happen.

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Hacking, along with graffiti artistry, may one day be the only means we have to read the real news of the day as governments and corporations seek to censor what we read, hear, and watch on a daily basis, and that censorship will only increase over time.

So, without ado, I present the movie, Algorithm.

For the serious researcher:

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