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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Biden Grows Impatient and Desperate to Reach 70 Percent Vaccine Density

All this reminds me of the Wizard of Oz...

Headline: Biden says getting vaccinated 'gigantically important'

CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) — President Joe Biden expressed pointed frustration Wednesday over the slowing COVID-19 vaccination rate in the U.S. and pleaded that it's "gigantically important” for Americans to step up and get inoculated against the virus as it surges once again. (read more)

Let me share with you what I believe to be the two  most likely reasons why the Left is so noticeably desperate to reach at least 70 percent vaccine density: 

  1. Biden's CCP handler has given him a deadline
  2. It's absolutely necessary for the Left to have every man, woman, and child vaccinated for some upcoming purpose that is time sensitive.

Perhaps there's some degree of truth to the 5G connection, or maybe they know that there's a moment in time when those who have taken the vaccine will begin to fall ill.  

I'm not certain at this point, but what I am sure of is that there's something bad ahead that they have planned that they've worked towards. How do we know this? Because the Left does not have any degree of moral compunction. Their only goal is to win, and win in any manner necessary, no matter what the cost may be to the integrity of their cause, their organizations, or their own persons. 

The Left in America working hard to vaccinate everyone across the board.

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