Al's View on Gun Ownership

In a world rife with death and decent by handguns, rifles, and semi-automatic weapons, society often screams to remove access to these items by the common, ordinary citizen. Most of us are okay with guns in the hands of police, military, farmers, and body guards, but is this the right course to take?

It's my humble opinion that no matter what you do, there will always be guns out and about us. Whether it's a McDonalds, City Hall, Probate Court, in a restaurant, on a city street, someone is there with a gun. Some are carried in a pants pocket, some in purses, and others in a holster, carried on a belt or under the arm.

There's the question I pose to you..... "Who do you want those gun-carrying people to be--honest, law-abiding citizens, or criminals whom, incidentally will ALWAYS be toting a gun of some kind?"

Let me answer that for you..... "Law-abiding citizens."

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