Thank you for visiting 'What On Earth Are We Doing Here,' a personal smorgasbord of topics that I find interesting. Presently, because a good portion of my fellow Americans have lost their bearings (if not their minds), I've dedicated most of the space herein to  politics. 
Please note that almost every post in the front page blog section will have a text line that says: "Direct link to this page," followed by a short bit.ly link. This is for your convenience in case you want to use the link to share on social media within a comment. Otherwise, to share, scroll down to the end of the  post and you will see shareable social media icons. --Al Colombo

To continue, those who have come here repeatedly for the variety of subject matter that you have come to enjoy, rest assure that it's still here. To make it easier for you to find topics aside from the political diatribe of the day, I have created a topical menu on the right (top), in addition to a What's New page that provides a running list of currently published items. 

Once we get beyond the Socialistic nonsense of the day--I mean once we get past the notion that Americans will largely accept Socialism, then this WebLog will return to a state of sanity.