My name is Al Colombo. I'm publisher of the Giant Killers Organization (GKO) website as well as a trade journalist, copywriter, and a public relations guy. Enough about me, let's talk about this WebLog.

What on Earth Are We Doing Here is the result of many years of introspection and observation of society in general. 

I must be honest with you, when I was a child, I wasn't impressed with human kind at all. In fact, it saddened me that I was born into this human family. 

I began asking the Most High God of light and creation to rescue me from this place, but alas, He had other things in mind. It took me until the age of 8 to decide that extraction was simply not going to happen. It was then I decided to play the game of life the best that I could. 

Pain Has Been My Ever Constant Companion

When I was born, I suffered a physical ailment called Spina Bifida (click here to find out what that is). In my case, however, I simply had a hole the size of your fist in the back of my backbone with a piece of skin covering it. When I was in my late teens, One doctor limited me to 15 lb. of weight that I could carry or lift and a second doctor said 25 lb. 

This came with a good bit of pain that has increased as the years went on. I learned early on to buck up and keep on keepin on. What other choice did I have?  I decided early on that  I was not going to let this handicap me, and so my parents and I agreed not to discuss this with others, that it would remain a secret, and so it did. 

There's more, much more in fact, but  I'm not prepared to go any further into detail, other than to say that what may seem like a tragedy at first can end up to be the best thing that ever happened to you.  In the future I will write more on this subject, eventually tying it all together into a nice package with a bow (kinda). In the mean time, please enjoy my personal blog, and if the mood strikes, please let me know your thoughts on any particular topic you may choose.  

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