My name is Al Colombo and I'm officially a trade journalist and copywriter in the physical security and life safety markets. This WebLog, however, has very little to do with security.

What it has more to do with is a hidden life led right under the noses of many professional colleagues, some of which may have suspected that there was something different about me but could never quite put a finger on it.

I did, however, reveal myself to a select few along the way. Those individuals definitely knew there was something different. Many of them were converted into believers while others probably shook their heads and never looked back. Either way, I'm good, as I've come to realize that this stuff is not for everyone. Some of us simply prefer to live our lives oblivious to the details.

Because you'll learn enough about me by way of my writings on this blog, I'll proceed by telling you about my public life. I own a digital promotional company based in Ohio called Thunder Promotions (TpromoCom). I've owned and operated it in parallel with my writing career since 1995. One of my passions is website design, and it will continue to be into the future.

As a writer, I began writing technical copy for technical magazines in 1986 and I've been writing in print and online publications ever since. I officially retired in 2015, and now I work full time on my own business.

Some More Personal Stuff
I'm the way I am for a reason... my mother came from a family, Adkins', where paranormal skills were common. My grandmother, Betsy Adkins, officiated seances in Malvern, a small rural town in Ohio. On the other side, my father was part of a family, Colombo's, who were said to be gypsies in Italy, which means there were psychics among them. My family migrated to the United States from S Sicily in or about 1927 after World War One.

I figure that what this amounts to is nothing less than a double whammy.

The most common, everyday ability that I have is that when I meet someone for the first time, especially when I shake their hand, I'm flooded with sensations that I commonly compare to a "flavor," and so I often talk of someone's "flavor of thought" in my journals. Everybody has one. I'll bet you do, too.

--Al Colombo

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