Monday, October 18, 2021

Dr. Tony Fauci Speaks the Truth Regarding Masks in 2018

If you take the time to notice, those who do the most harm
give plenty of warning of their intent. It's our willingness
to disbelieve that facilitates their unbelievable actions.

David Delepine

Dr Fauci did an interview in 2019 with David Rubenstein that most people have not seen or at least have forgotten about. In the interview he is asked about wearing a mask to avoid infectious disease and Dr Fauci laughs at the idea saying "No no no... You avoid all the paranoid aspects and do something positive. Good diet... don't smoke... don't drink... Get some exercise." 

In other interviews the good doctor has admitted to taking 5000-6000 mu of Vitamin D. 

These same ideas and health measures have gotten some censoring on social media and many demonized by those who purport to follow the science, including myself. The problem is that when science cannot be questioned and reasonable skeptics get labeled as heretics, then it is no longer science but rather a religion and/or a cult. -David Delepine

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