Sunday, May 16, 2021

Canadian Minister Arrested For Preaching God's Word refrain from going to church because of these sad little people only emboldens and empowers them.

In 1968, I met Jesus Christ, God's Son. Ever since that time, no matter how bad I might have been, no matter what sin I may have committed, I have always known right from wrong. Everything I do, every judgement I made, is weighed against this man who was murdered because of what He did for people and what He preached.

You may recall the video that aired some time ago where this minister chased several police officers out of the church. Evidentially this was short lived and the Canadian police finally retaliated by taking him into custody along a highway where he was driving, minding his own business. 

Does this mark the end of freedom of religion in Canada? We've seen some of this hatred toward organized religion here in the U.S. during the lockdowns. Are we that close to the end of life as we've known it?  

It's my belief that we should go back to life as it was. Let the authorities do as they feel they must, but to refrain from going to church because of these sad little people only emboldens and empowers them. --Al Colombo

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