Sunday, April 11, 2021

More Evidence of a New World Order That Intends to Depopulate Earth

Why would anyone want to depopulate Earth? 
Perhaps to make the population more manageable? 

When I was a child, likely in high school, I had a teacher who told us that one day serfdom would raise it's ugly head again, that there likely would be no central government. Instead, there would be individual kingdoms, headed by huge corporations.

At the time he said this, I honestly thought he was out of his mind. His comments resulted in questions among my classmates regarding how society could possibly change to that degree, and I honestly don't remember his answer to those questions, if he had one at all. But his foresight was astounding. 

In the 1990's, while working with what I would term "concerned military intelligence officers," I was briefed on an up and coming planned pandemic where a low-mortality virus would be released into the population and the solution touted by the powers that be would be a vaccine. I was cautioned NOT to take this vaccine because within it would be the very virus that would kill billions of people in an effort to depopulate the planet. 

I did not make this information known to my readers on the Giant Killers Org's website, but I did write of it in my journal of that time.  I found it hard to believe 1) that anyone would ever  think of doing that, and 2) that it would have any degree of credibility, enough to result in billions of people taking it. I can see I was wrong... 

The following video was released more than a decade ago.  Right now, it's still up and available on YouTube, but Lord knows for how long.  I say that because it talks about the depopulation effort, long before COVID-19.  Watch and learn, please...

Here's another piece of evidence that "someone's" are plotting the murder of approximately 7 B people on the face of this planet. Download and read Lock Step, one of four think-tank contrivances related to the takeover of all nation states, all financial systems, and all people on this  planet. Don't believe it?  This was published in 2010. Read it now!

One more, a video documentary created in 1956 regarding a pandemic where millions will die from a virus released in an Asian country and the only way to escape death will be "vaccines," all by 2020! You can't make this up.  Watch it here now!

What can you and I do about this?  I have always believed that public exposure is the only way to stop any train wreck of this magnitude.  No one group can do it alone, it requires all of us working in tandem with them.  Please share this video with others by sharing this page. You can either use the link that follows, or scroll down where you will find a series of social media icons. 

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