Saturday, December 12, 2020

UK Nurse reveals danger associated with COVID-19 vaccine, but will you listen?

Is this one of those times when "the cure is worse than the disease?"

The long awaited COVID-19 vaccine is finally out and about. Those in the United Kingdom apparently received the Pfizer cure before we did in the United States. Whether I'm right or wrong here is not the issue, but whether the cure (in this case the COVID-19 vaccine) is more deadly than the disease. Check out the following video, narrated a healthcare professional. 

The real question in my mind, and that of many others, is whether any of us should be subjected to all this risk in the first place. I ask that question because the mortality rate is so small that I frankly cannot begin to fathom the thinking of so many. 

See the charts below where we show both the survivability and the mortality rate as of several months ago, and it's not changed. Below that, note the total deaths this year thus far and that of the year before:

All of this can have only one meaning: the COVID-19 scare is actually a contrived effort to achieve at least five goals. They are:
  • Frighten the hell out of everyone, enough to... 
  • Compel everyone to take a COVID19 vaccine
  • Crash the economy in every nation on Earth
  • Destroy entire governments
  • Depopulate the planet
And when it's all over, those that survive will learn to tow the line, or they, too, will be face down in a six-foot deep hole in the cold, damp ground.

For the serious researcher:

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