Thursday, September 3, 2020

VIDEO: Seniors and the young have always been vulnerable to the flu, and so...

When has anyone perished directly from the flu?
Why should CV19 be any different?  

image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' What have we always been told about the ordinary flu? Its young children and seniors, and those who have health issues who are vulnerable. Is this influenza-type virus any different?

When given its own death rate, it turns out that ONLY 6% have perished... Do you think honestly that the 60,000 who usually die from the normal flu died from the flu alone? So the
question begs to be answered, why on earth did we "shelter in" or "lock down" our economy to the point of the death of an ation? In this case, the cure is much worse than the disease, only many of  us have  yet to figure it out!

My thinking on this is that we've been scammed, pure and simple. 

I'm not the only one who thinks this either. Professionals in the medical world have come forward to tell us the same thing. But how many of us really believe it? I've featured this video before on this blog, but  I'd like to  post it here for you to watch again. It shows that there are healthcare officials, lawmakers, and doctors who care more about others than just themselves, which is refreshing and inspiring to see. (is it not?)

The only way out of this government-imposed nightmare is to 1) stop watching the "Propaganda Nuze Media," and 2) ignore the order.  Yes, that will impose pain on many of us in the first 30 daze, but they can't arrest and put all of us in jail. They can't put all of us out of business. 

This is the ONLY WAY to deal with this. Remember Mahatma Gandhi and the "peaceful resistance" that he taught our brothers in India so long ago. Read about it and do something about this now: click here

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