Sunday, August 9, 2020

The End Game: The Coronavirus Was Anything But An Accident & Here's a Smoking Gun!

The plan and the order to unleash the virus and what
comes after is in black and white now!

image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' There's been a good deal of controversy over Dr. Fauci and how he's handled the novel Coronavirus. First, he says that masks won't help, don't bother with them. Then he intimated that this virus is akin to the normal flu, then it's not. Millions were going to die, than not. Now, hundreds of thousands will die by October if we don't lock the nation down again. 

It honestly doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something there smells wrong. It's obvious to me that there are 
many in gov't who must understand what's going on here, but they apparently are not at liberty to inform the American public.  

There's a theory out and about, perhaps more than a theory, in fact. There's a very good possibility that it's exactly right, that the purveyor of the truth is actually a former FEMA Officer who, for whatever reason, decided to inform the American public. I'm not so sure of how that's gong to work out for her.
"On August 15th 2016, an 88 page document was put in the federal register on communicable diseases, I'm talking about all the language we have seen, come to pass right now. This was mandated by United Nations," says Celeste Solum. Here's the link:, or click on the image below!

I have a very close friend who, in the 1990's, asked, "If there's any truth to there being a New World Order, why hasn't someone stepped up and told us?" 

How many good men and women must stand up at the risk of losing their lives, their positions, and their families before we take them serious? 

None of us want to be bothered with all this, but let's face it... we've lost our freedom, many have lost their livelihood, and those in control of this virus narrative have no intention of giving all of it back. 

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