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Why I'm Sooo Political and Unafraid

Those in business are often reluctant to speak politics in public.
image of a penny with 'In God We Trust' I'm in business, although I'm retired. I have no problem talking politics, and haven't had a problem with it for over 20 some years now. And yet so many people in business refuse to talk politics in public spaces because it might hurt their reputation, their business,
or both. Why is it that I'm unafraid to do it and they are?

Well, the obvious answer is just as I've stated, it will hurt their reputation or their ability to do business with certain folks who may not see eye to eye. As to why I'm unafraid, let me tell you a brief story to support the premise I've just given and then I'll tell you why I may not be afraid.

A number of years ago I was approached by a head hunter concerning an operation managers position with SA Comunale, based in Ohio. When I failed to pass muster, I asked the recruiter what happened. His reply was, "The owner says your politics is wrong."

Obviously the owner did his homework and he knew I am a Conservative. He must obviously be a Liberal. Because of the difference, he made an unfair decision not to hire me. I would have been good for his business, and I would have given him 110 percent despite our political differences. His loss...

Despite my loss, I continue to speak out against the Socialistic, Leftist agenda, which is to convert America from a Capitalist form of government economics to that of Socialism.

Frankly, it shocks me when anyone who owns a business in this great nation supports the Left and its Socialistic, Communistic ideology. If the Left is ever successful in making this conversion, eventually all means of production will belong to the State. You would think that business owners, like SA Comunale, or any other, would understand that, but I don't think they do.

I'm Actually a Liberal

Let me share a secret with you... I'm actually a Liberal, too!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you might think that this is untrue, but the fact of the matter is, I am a Liberal at heart, and it's the heart that defines a true Liberal. You see, the Left has found a way to exploit

one of the most defining characteristics of a Liberal, and that is their giant heart. The Left pulls at their heart strings and unknowing Liberals respond by supporting the Left's agenda. Not I any longer.

You can call me a rehabilitated Liberal.

I began my conversion in the early 1990s, in 1992 to be exact, when presidential hopeful, Bill Clinton, gave a speech in Chicago where I and my family lived at the time. Clinton said that if he and Gore were elected, they'd "eliminate the Constitution, it was a radical experiment that outlived its time." I told my wife, "He's a Comrade," and I believe to this very day that he is a Communist in disguise. That's why the allegation of Russian collusion between Trump and Russia, which was first publicly made by Bill Clinton's wife, was so funny at the time.

Well, when we got home, I read the US Constitution and it knocked my socks off. I told Noreen that I felt that I'd been duped all those years ago as a young kid who had become a Communist by virtue of shortwave radio (Radio Moscow for one). I began sending letters to Moscow at the age of 14. Well, that very evening, I switched sides and became a full bore Capitalist.

Why I'm Unafraid

I speak out about the dangers of Socialism/Communism because if we don't stop this movement, if we lose our Capitalistic form
of economic government, we'll end up losing our businesses. We'll become slaves of the State, and if you doubt me, do some research. Look to Venezuela and other nations that had lost to the SAME Socialist/Communist Left. Nothing good ever comes out of Socialism. Nothing.

So if you're a business owner, you had better speak up now, before you lose your bread and butter to a form of government that you've never been subject to. Once you fall under the bus, it's not likely you'll have a second chance to decide to switch back to our beloved Capitalism. The smooth ride will be over, once and for all, and from there the ride will become bumpy at best.

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