Monday, October 19, 2015

Why Alarm Systems and Crime Prevention Go Hand in Hand

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Preventing crime is what security is all about. It does little good to install an alarm system if your intent is merely to catch criminals already in the act of aggression.

The primary purpose of a video surveillance or electronic security alarm isn't any different than that of a quality deadbolt lock on all the doors--it's all about stopping a criminal before he/she commits the crime.

According to the Crime Prevention Website, "During research interviews by criminologists and post arrest interviews by me and many of my colleagues over the years most burglars (who expressed a preference) said that they were definitely put off by alarms!" (click here)

Right from the beginning, UL (Underwriters Laboratory) burglar alarm standards called for overt bell boxes, foil tape on windows, and other visible devices. This overt policy has not changed even though the tools of the trade have.

Even more importantly, the mere placement of yard signs and other visible means of protection without the actual functioning alarm system to go with it is not necessarily a wise idea either. When a crook decides to take the risk, he will enter the home or business without hesitation, in which case a working and monitored alarm system is invaluable.

If you're a home or business owner and you need advice on the type of alarm system to use, I recommend that you first talk with friends and colleagues who have an alarm system. Find out how they feel about the alarm company that did the initial installation. Did they do a good job of installing the components? Are they doing an equally good job of monitoring the system? Do they respond in a timely manner when there are problems?

Contact at least three alarm firms and have them come to your home or business for an on-sight evaluation. Don't accept a quote over the phone, and if one of them is unwilling to come to your home/business to visually evaluate the situation, say thank you and do not go any further with them--there is no one-size-fits-all alarm system.

Once you have three quotes under your belt, sit down and evaluate them.

Remember, bigger is not better. Look for longevity, quality, and long-term costs. Just because an alarm system is "free" when you get it is no indicator that you'll pay a respectable price in the long term. Weigh the entire package of each firm to assure that it's the right company, right system, and right dollars in the short as well as long term.

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