Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hackers: It Only Gets Worse! Use Some Common Sense Here!

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As many of you know, I'm interested in the issue of hacking. Just as interested in the reason why governments and corporations who should know better continue to place their critical, centrally controlled infrastructure on a connection that is considered unsecured. As I've said time after time, it's not a matter of IF someone will hack into it, but WHEN they will successfully punch a hole in your firewalls.

The following news stories accent exactly what I've been saying for years now: No matter what you do, no matter how good you are, no matter how big and rich you are, no matter how powerful you are, when you really stop and think about it, there's someone bigger, better, faster, and more powerful than you are!

I could continue listing news article after article to illustrate my point, but it's not necessary. You know the Internet provides criminals immediate access to the very door of critical data vaults belonging to governments as well as private sector concerns. I ask you, does this make any sense whatsoever?

Al Colombo

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