Saturday, January 11, 2014

Safety & Security on Facebook

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For those who are interested in everything safety and security, Nick Markowitz and I have teamed up on Facebook to bring you the Safety & Security Page (click here).

Nick and I have worked together for many years starting with ideas, drawings, and equipment when I went to Security Distributing & Marketing as a trade journalist. Our relationship has grown as well as our commitment to helping our fellow-man to stay safe and secure.

Mission statement: Safety & Security Page offers interesting news and helpful information on how to secure your home or business without spending a million dollars doing it.

Come and take a look. If you are a Facebook user, please LIKE our new page. If you are incline, please post your own news and ideas on ways to stay safe and secure in this ever increasingly dangerous world we live in (click here).

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Health And Safety Consultant Lincolnshire said...

That's a good idea to have safety and security page on Facebook. It is the best way to spread the information through social media like Facebook. Thanks for sharing.

Best Regards,